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Will my fountain splash water all over?

Every water feature is different, but in general the splashing occurs at the base of the fountain, where the water may be falling from the greatest height. There are two common ways to remedy this:

  1. Position some pebbles / rocks to "soften" the water impact area. Sometimes this also means removing the said pebbles / rocks as the latter may be the ones causing the splashing!
  2. Some water features use pumps which allows you to adjust the strength of the water flow. Try increasing or decreasing the speed of the pump to remove the splashing.

To be extra safe, you can use protection / dry mats to ensure no water gets to the ground, or simply position the water feature in a part of your room / patio / garden where the impact of the splashing water is minimized. For example, don't place splash-prone water features on wooden flooring or expensive carpets!

If you are not satisfied with the sound of the water feature you purchased, there are two main ways to increase or decrease the sound levels. 

  1. If your water feature has pebbles / rocks and the sound is too loud or too soft, try positioning the pebbles to decrease the height of the water "fall". The less / more height the water drops through the air, the less / more impact and noise it makes when it reaches the bottom of the "fall".
  2. If your water feature has a controllable water pump, try increasing or decreasing the speed of the pump to increase or decrease the volume of the water flow.

Another reason to note is whether the water feature is designed to be placed outdoor or indoors. If it's mean to be used as a tabletop water fountain, the volume of the water flow may not be loud enough in an outdoor setting.

Amount of sound

Can the water pump be controlled?

As much as possible to strive to have this information available to you while shopping with us at We are aware the quality of the water pump is important to your experience with your water feature purchase, and you should know this too.

Thus while we are may not have total control over the water pump used, we strive to work closely with our manufacturers to ensure only the best are used. And should you wish to change or upgrade your water pump which came with your purchase, we will look out for you which ones are the most reliable in the market, for you to shop at your convenience.

Below are some points about water pumps that you should know:

  1. Does it have an on / off switch?

    You may not want to have your pump running all day long when nobody's home. Shortens the life of your pump, adds unnecessary curves to your electricity bills and causes the water to evaporate quickly, requiring you to refill often. By having an on / off switch you don't have to literally unplug the fountain from the walls to turn it off. Trust us, It's a major turn off!
  2. Can the speed be controlled? 

    Being able to control the speed allows you to remedy situations where the water is splashing out of the fountain, or to adjust the sound of the water feature.

Hack tip: Purchase a key chain remote and plug-in outlet combos commonly used for Christmas tree lights. Then all you will need to do is point and click the remote to turn it on and off.

Some of the water features here come with lights built in. Lighting in itself can be a form of art, you may have to make your own adjustments.

For example water fountains with built in lights won't look good if placed under a strong ceiling light. We have mulitple LED / halogen lights listed in our store.

Does it look nice at night?

How to keep your water fountain clean?

For ease of maintenance, we recommend the use of bottled distilled water. This has higher assurance that algae and other unwanted particles will not clog your water feature.

To clean your fountain, the following are possible:

  • Add a cap-full of white vinegar to keep the water clear and calcification to a minimum; otherwise, only an intermittent cleaning is needed."
  • Buy the anti algae liquid along with your water fountain purchase
  • Some water features come with pump filters. These should be cleaned at least once a week. You'll know when cleaning is needed because the flow will be greatly reduced. This is especially so if the water feature is placed outdoors where there is a higher chance of foreign particles getting into the water fountain.

Most of the water fountains feature here weigh around 2kg+ for tabletop fountains, to 100+ kilos for ceramic fountains. Depending on your choice of water fountains, we will provide a white-glove service option as an add-on to your purchase.

If the fountain you are purchasing is heavy, please make sure you have family / relatives / friends to assist you in the lifting. Preferably those who lift.

Don't hurt your back, and watch your toes.

How heavy is it?

Are there instructions?

Most of the water features here are easy to install, and most likely come with basic instructions.

However should you have any questions, feel free to give us a call for assistance!

Australia's air in general can be rather dry, thus you can expect the water you use for your fountain to evaporate. Several factors determine how fast that will be. If...

  • place your water feature outdoors
  • you have a dog
  • the water feature is rather large
  • the water flow volume is high

your water levels will drop rather quickly. So please be prepared to refill it at least once everyday.

How often do I have to top up the water?