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About Us

How It Started

It was a trip to New Zealand, 2012.

The vast openess, the quiet rolling hills, and those clean, beautiful lakes and streams..."Hobbit-land" brought about a sense of ease that I rarely felt before. I'm not into yoga or meditation, and I talk fast. Prior to this New Zealand holiday, I left a life in the banking industry working in packed environment in Singapore's central business district (Singaporeans there was clocked to have the highest average walking speed in the world. Talk about fast-paced!)

Then I arrived at this

Beautiful, isn't it?

That was at Milford Sound, we took a kayaking trip while we were there. There was more.

There's something about the
sound & sight of natural flowing water.

Brings about an inner flow of ease.

And I started thinking, maybe I should have more of this back at home. I definitely can't get the ducks or the blue water or the clean air, but at the very least the sounds can help bring back those Kiwi memories at home. And I want to share this sense of ease with others who feel constantly rushed or oppressed by things we cannot control.

We hope through our selection of water fountains and features you will be able to bring back home or office that sense of ease I felt in my story above. We will love to do business with you, so please feel free to look around and enjoy your stay here at